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Cook Talk

Luncheon for 115 people
Marie Carstensen
Question: our church is serving lunch for approx. 115 people. We are having 12 (13x9) chicken casseroles;
10 jello (13x9) salads/molds. We are also have a
spring mix salad with lemon vingerette dressing. How much salad do we need to prepare. Thank you. Marie
Roughly 14 pounds of mesclun/spring mix feeds 100, so get 17 pounds or so. 4 quarts of dressing, because it is thin.

Unless you are planning a rather massive dessert bar, you are a bit short of food. Suggest you add a hot veg (28 pounds ready to eat) and about 14 pounds of bread rolls and 3 pounds of butter. A roasted mixed veg dish would be simple, and great with this menu.

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