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Dinner party for 20
karen davis
Hello Ellen. I hope that you and the family are doing well this holiday season. I am doing a "dinner party" for 20 members of our church governing board to meet a prospective Pastor and his wife. It will be on a Friday night 6:00-8:00 PM, no alcohol served. We did not want a sit down dinner as that does not promote a chance for everyone to mingle and talk to each other so I thought a heavy appetizer type meal. Knowing that some of these people (age mostly over 50) will miss having "dinner" I thought about doing a Beef Stroganoff with rice/noodles (or any other suggestions you may have for this) and then appetizers to compliment this dish. Items that will be easy to eat either standing or sitting down. These are the apps I was thinking of doing: 20 bites per person?
1. chicken satay on skewers with peanut sauce (no allergies)
2. Smoked salmon bites
3. Cheese board or baked brie?
4. Devilled eggs
5. Crostini with olive tapenade and one with basil and tomatoes.
6. Vege platter with dipping sauce
7. several sweet bites.
Is this enough or should I add more? Cost is not an issue.
Doing hot apple cider, egg nog, coffee and a cold punch.
Any advice is most welcomed. Thank you so much Ellen.
Ok we have nixed the Stroganoff and going only with appetizers now. So I am adding Swedish meatballs, Phillo wrapped Asparagus with Asiago cheese and shrimp taco bites (spicy grilled chicken served in Tortilla cups with avocado and cilantro dressing. I am getting rid of the vege platter and still doing some sweet bites. What say you Ellen?
All good changes- I have hands full locally til Monday and will get back on this then. 20 bites is about right.

Do be sure there are seats for everyone since this is age group; standing is hard for many people- some tables, too, so there is somewhere to rest the plates or cups.

Ellen, we will have chairs scattered around the room, enough for all and tables set up between chairs. I am using the plates that have the drink well in them so that they are mostly hands free.
Suggest 3 sweet bites per person.

About 4-5 pounds meatballs, 1 1/2 quarts sauce, 2 each eggs, crostinis, phyllo, taco bites (could go three), 3 salmon and chicken, a nice bread selection with the cheeses (4 pounds cheese., about same bread/crackers)

Best wishes

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