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Cook Talk

I have a question...I do read all your posts and I love and appreciate all the info..but I get for the amounts for a 100 people you list the amounts...but if I'm serving 2 meats how do I figure out how much of each or if I'm serving 2 vegis or 2 salads how do I figure out how much? Is it a total weight amount per person? Please help me understand. ..
As discussed in several places, if you have 2 meats, caterers usually expect party guests to take 5 ounces of the most preferred PLUS 3 ounces of the second. 2 veggies, people usually take both, so the amount doesn't reduce much unless the second is something like beets or parsnips. If you are serving 2 similar salads, estimate the split, then add 10% to each, for example, 50 50 for 100 people, you would make 60 servings of each.
You want to end up with about a pound and a half of food per person for a party meal.
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