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Cook Talk

Prime rib in electric roaster
I have never cooked Prime rib before and I would like to cook it in my electric roaster well done with no pink at all. It is 16 pounds could you tell me how long I need to cook it.
OUCH OUCH OUCH. With the cost of prime rib, PLEASE consider cooking it basically medium rare at least in the middle.

Very specific cooking directions are on the roast beef cooking page:

Read it over and write back if you need to. Do get a meat thermometer, since you have mortgaged the house for the roast; do take it out no hotter than 145 in the middle, or it will be wrecked. Frankly, I take mine out at 120.

Also, the roaster is a great choice for turkey, but not for roast beef, esp prime rib. Consider doing it in your preheated regular over and doing side dishes in the roaster and possibly crock pots.

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