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Nacho Bar for 50
Hi, I am preparing a nacho bar for approx 50 people for a baby shower. Can you please tell me if my shopping list looks accurate? It will be served as a meal.

Tortilla chips - 8lbs
Hamburger meat - 13 lbs
Nacho Cheese - 2 #10 cans
Refried Beans - 1 #10 can
Jalapenos - Half a gallon
Sour Cream - 5lbs
Salsa - two 38 oz jars
Tomatoes - 3lbs
onions - 3 lbs
Olives - 38 oz can

Do you seen any changes I should make? Should I add or remove anything from the list? We are using crockpots to keep the meat and cheese warm. This is my first time doing a nacho bar. Thank you for the help.

Just about 1/2 on the refried and sour cream, otherwise good. You will have at least 1/2 can of nacho cheese left.
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