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Nacho Bar for 50
Hi, I am preparing a nacho bar for approx 50 people for a baby shower. Can you please tell me if my shopping list looks accurate? It will be served as a meal.

Tortilla chips - 8lbs
Hamburger meat - 13 lbs
Nacho Cheese - 2 #10 cans
Refried Beans - 1 #10 can
Jalapenos - Half a gallon
Sour Cream - 5lbs
Salsa - two 38 oz jars
Tomatoes - 3lbs
onions - 3 lbs
Olives - 38 oz can

Do you seen any changes I should make? Should I add or remove anything from the list? We are using crockpots to keep the meat and cheese warm. This is my first time doing a nacho bar. Thank you for the help.

Just about 1/2 on the refried and sour cream, otherwise good. You will have at least 1/2 can of nacho cheese left.
Don't get question- see the taco/potato bar page and the fajita page for help-

Hi Tiffany - how did your party work out? Was it enough food? I'm planning on having a nacho bar and a sub bar for my wedding, so I was hoping I could steal your amounts to use for my planning!

Ellen - if I am doing two different main courses, should I double the amounts Tiffany used or do 1.5 of her amounts so I don't have too much overage?

Thank you!

Jess, when I do 2 entrees, I first approximate the split, for example it runs about 2/3 beef and 1/3 other in my area. Then I add 10% to each split, making about 75% of the primary and 45% of the secondary to allow for choice. Yes, that makes 120%; multi entree meals are more expensive and have more leftovers.

Also a BIG caution; even with a single entree, some will not eat meat or will not eat pork. You have to make available a vegetarian alternative such as quorn unchicken bites or field roast veggie "sausages" or meatballs? Otherwise, it is very important to have one of your side dishes be an entree alternative, or you will have guests with nothing to eat.

tortilla chips and cold Mexican dips
Hi, I am planning a welcome party for about 80-100 people. I won't have a count for a few weeks. It's for a welcome party. We are going to have just the chips and some dips, 7 layer dip, corn and bean dip, guacamole, salsa....all cold and different kinds of tortilla chips. Can you help me on quantities of dips and chips? Thank you!
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