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Upscale Southern Comfort food for 200
Valerie Stewart
I'm catering an evening wedding reception for 200, buffet style, upscale southern comfort food. I'm thinking of a baked chicken breast with peach sauce or a vidalia onion chicken casserole as the main. Mashed Potato casserole, green beans with bacon, salad with pecans, feta cheese, and fruit and rolls. Any suggestions on quantities and or tips on the main dish.

Thank you

Valerie, I would rework a bit. Don't do the chicken casserole if you are doing the mashed potatoes and vice versa.

With any reception menu, plan a dish that can serve as an entree for any vegetarians.

What is characteristic of southern Sunday dinners is several, not just one, cooked veg. Also, feta cheese not as common- cream cheese bits, or a cold pea salad or 7 layer salad would be more traditional.

So a nice baked chicken with a spiced peach. Consider rice pilaf instead of mashed potatoes, since you don't plan gravy (also less work).

The veg department, consider adding a corn or squash casserole, maybe black eyed peas or collard greens (cook meatless), or an eggplant souffle?

As for amounts, the plan for 100 list really will give quantities per 100 for buffet. When you settle on your menu, you can post your estimates and I will check them.

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