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cooking for your own wedding
We are thinking about cooking for our own wedding. Has anyone done this?
This can be done, but it is critical you plan a wedding that is small enough (60-100), because it averages out to about 8-10 hours per guest to do this. Also, preferably plan not a meal, but rather an afternoon reception/tea party, or evening dessert reception. After all the prep and precooking, which can be done over several weeks, it takes about 3 cooks and 6 people out front to set up, serve, and clean up a party for 100. Since you have to be a bride that day, it is also critical that neither you nor your mother manage the day of, so you will want a group of highly reliable and kitchen-experienced folks to take over day of. Read the article called "wedding dinner" on this site to help you think about your options, and you are welcome to write back.
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