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Tri tip sandwiches
Hello just a quick question. I understand that for tri tip its fair to say you buy 1/2 lb raw for each person but how about for home roasted tri tip that I will be making sandwiches in a bolio roll for about 20 people would it be less than the 10 lbs needed since it will be sliced not to thin but still tri tip slices?
I will be having sliced tomatoes, lettuce and cheese slices to help fill it in along with a aoili mayo and a veggie as a side along with some fruit salad.
Thanks for your time
These rolls are on the large side- you can plan 3 sandwiches per raw pound if it is sliced fairly thin- tastes better and eats better, too, Just let stand at least 10 minutes after cooking before slicing; 20 is better. Often it takes 4 sandwiches for each 3 people.
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