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wedding food amout
dnny hunt
Im catering a small wedding (120) bbq pork, hushpuppys, slaw, sauce, potatoe salad, b each bunns. how much of each do i need
Hi, Dnny, this is a very incomplete menu for a wedding reception. One responsibility of the caterer is to work with the inexperienced client to develop an adequate menu. For example, an appetizer plan is important for a hundred-plus wedding meal event. In addition, accommodation for non-pork eaters is essential at this sort of event.

I caution semi-pro caterers that a wedding reception is the most demanding event you can do; it has to be perfect, and a single event can ruin your local reputation. Have you done wedding dinners before? Are you just dropping off food (safer for your rep)?

Also, I need more food info; is the pork to be plated or on buns? Are you thinking to do hushpuppies on site or premake and heat in the oven, and why are they incuded rather than cornbread? What about condiments, pickles, onions, etc. What about beans or another vegetable?

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