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Marinara sauce
Hi Ellen. I am helping with an Italian dinner for 135 people. The menu is antipasto, Italian wedding soup, lasagna, manicotti, spaghetti with three sauces (garlic and oil, meat sauce and marinara). Meatballs and peppers and sausage, tossed salad and garlic bread.

I am responsible for the wedding soup and marinara sauce. With this menu, how much marinara sauce and wedding soup will I need to make?

Thank you for your help.

p.s. you helped me before. To thank you I made a a donation today. I hope others will too.

Thank you for your support. Since I was disabled by a back injury, I really depend on my readers.

Assuming the meatballs will NOT have sauce already, about 1/3 the people will take marinara. So just prep for about 40 using your favorite recipe.

If the soup is served in cup size, not bowl size, 6 gallons will probably leave some leftovers.

Sounds tasty.

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