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appetizers for 150
Hi Ellen
I am planning on serving charcuterie platters for my daughters' wedding reception. I'm thinking of preparing 10 18" platters. They will have meats, cheeses, olives, crackers, some dips, etc. The is all I'm having for an appetizer. Is this enough or too much? Thank you
This is a fine appetizer choice.

meats, at least 1 pound per 10 if a single choice, 1 per 8 if two or more, as people tend to take some of each
cheeses, 1 pound per 10, some can be logs or spreads
olives, 1 gallon per 50
crackers, 6 pounds per 100
some dips
plan 1 pint per 8 for humus or other thick dips such as ranch or sour cream dips. Suggest you include crunchy dip vegetables, about 1 pound per 10-12, as well as pita chips or pita bread pieces or focaccio pieces.

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