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We are having a 3 hour long open house for daughter. I'm guessing 150-180 people. She wants a shredded turkey recipe she loves to be served on buns. That's a creamy one with mayo. Should I also offer a plain one? We are also thinking cheesy potatoes. Do I need another side or will I be okay with veggie trays and fruit trays? I have dessert covered. I think we'll do pop and water for beverages.

I would love to know how much I need to buy, how far in advanced I can make turkey and how best to heat up and keep warm. I'm thinking the potatoes will be in roasters. Should I make that morning or ahead and heat up that day? Any tips will be welcomed and I will make a donation to your site! I posted in a different graduation thread that you can ignore.

The turkey is fine, 1 pound whole turkey makes 1 cup meat, which makes about1 1/2 to 2 cups creamed. Each pound serves 4 people, makes 5 sandwiches or 12 sliders and I recommend sliders for this type crowd/ event as there is much less waste. So you are looking at 30-36 pounds whole turkey to start.

Have about 8 pounds of sliced or block cheese so any non-meat eaters can make a sandwich, too. Condiments. lettuce etc are covered on the sandwich planning page.

If it is freezable, store it in baggies up to 1 month, thaw in refrigerator 48 hours, reheat covered in oven at least 1 hour til temp in the middle is at least 165. If it is fully hot, chafing dishes are fine for up to 2 hours.

The challenge with the roasters is, they only hold enough for about 50, about 20 pounds, and each roaster requires a separate electric circuit. So you have to test ahead and find out where the circuits run; most rooms only have 1.

Suggest you add one or 2 kinds of veg or bean salad, per the plan for 100 list, or at least slaw, 4 gallons

Check out the fruit and veg tray discussed may 3 and do 1/2 for 150 people.
at least 4 gallons

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