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Fruit and veggie trays 300
Hi! I know there are a lot of threads for this, but I am still having a hard time, and I am not finding what I need under the big pots section. I am looking to have f/v trays for 300 and need help in figuring out how to do that!!
Any help will be appreciated. And if anyone would be willing to double check my quantities that would also be helpful!!
Thank you!
Steph, go to the fruit tray page, and the veggie tray page; the buttons are at the top of the forum page. Those pages have guides for basic trays per 25 and a deluxe fruit tray for 100. You want to end up with about 1 pound of ready to eat veggies and 1 cup Ranch dressing for each 10 people and about 1 pound of ready to eat fruit for each 8- that will make about 6 pieces or bites per per for the fruit, with 3 grapes counting as 1 bite. You are welcome to post your estimates here for review.
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