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Trays for 300- please double check my calculations
So I took the veggie tray provided example for 25-30 and multiplied by 12 and got:
12 lbs cauliflower
12 lbs baby carrots
24 ct cucumbers
24 ct zucchini
6 lb broccoli
12 quarts cherry tomatoes
24 lbs peppers

We are also going to have fruit trays to which I came up with:
12 (48 lbs) cantelaupe
12 (25 lbs) honeydew
12 lbs red grapes
72 kiwis
96 oranges
48 lbs watermelon

Does this look correct??

Good job. Few suggestions:

1 1/2 gallons thick Ranch style dip

12 lbs cauliflower, OK
12 lbs baby carrots, OK

24 ct cucumbers
24 ct zucchini
You want a total of 24 of these, not 24 each

6 lb broccoli florets, OK
12 quarts cherry tomatoes, OK
24 lbs peppers, OK

Consider including 12 pounds specialty veggies- blanched asparagus, pea pods, marinated mushrooms or artichoke hearts
12 bunches green onions, trimmed to 6 inch lengths for garnish
6 quarts, or at least a gallon of large black olives OR stuffed olives or marinated mild cherry pepperss or pepper rings for garnish
12 bunches parsley, leaf lettuce or purple kale for green garnish

For fruit

12 (48 lbs) cantaloupe, OK
12 (25 lbs) honeydew, OK
12 lbs red grapes, OK
72 kiwis, OK, but 20 is plenty- these are mainly decorative; if these are pricey you can cut back
96 oranges-suggest 72 and add 12 pounds/quarts strawberries or 12 pineapples
48 lbs watermelon, OK

Consider a yogurt or poppy seed dip, 2 gallons, there is a good one on site

A sprinkle of blueberries or pomegranate seeds looks great on a fruit tray.

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Thank you so much!! The suggestions were great!
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