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brunch for 300
For my daughter's graduation open house, she wants to have a brunch. Menu: egg casseroles, sausage links, cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, yogurt bar, juice, coffee. How many 9x13 egg casseroles do I need? I am assuming that guests will not take a cinnamon roll and a doughnut. In fact, I think that with the other food there will be some who don't take a roll/doughnut at all. How many servings of cinnamon roll/doughnut do I need? Does it make a difference that many of the guests are teens?
Marge, this is a rather light menu for a party brunch. With some changes, you can have an easier menu and you can save some money as well. You will require three serving areas for 300, 4 areas or 2 double-sided would be better.

Yes, teens eat up to 1/4 more than adults.

You will find strong guides on breakfast amounts on the breakfast planning page. Check that for coffee and juice. And don't forget the tea and decaf discussed there.

egg casseroles, take a look at the strata recipes on the festive family brunch page. About 9 9x13 pans (9 dozen eggs) per 100. Consider doing some quiches, which can be done ahead.

sausage links, less costly are cut smoked sausages; 3 links per person (people take more at brunch) or 3 pound smoked per 15-16

cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, contrary to you expectations, many people will take 2! Much less costly to do coffee cakes (such as Bisquick velvet cake) which can be made day ahead, and minimuffins or donut holes, 2 per person. Round coffee cake serves 8 or 9x13 serves 12

yogurt bar, you need a major fruit tray or fruit salad here, such as 2 times the deluxe tray for 100.
2-3 gallons whole or 60 serving cups per 100

Adding some fun sweet cereals and granola as part of the toppings, is fun.

juice, coffee, see breakfast planning page

Consider adding a starch dish, maybe cheese grits or potatoes.

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