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Grilled Cheese Bar for 200 people
We Love Your Site! We are planning a 3 day reunion for 275 people which includes all meals. We are planning a grilled cheese bar for the first meal of about 200 people. I have looked over your sandwich information and trying to wrap my head around on how much to purchase. We are offering 4 cheeses, ham, salami, bacon, avocado, pesto, and a few other options. How should I go about calculating amounts of each food item for this meal? Thank you.
Midge, unless you are in a kitchen with several commercial grills, this is a very impractical dish for 200 people. Heavy kitchen, lots of prep, slow as people put their sandwiches together, long waits at grill, etc.

With 200 people, no matter what menu, you will need at least 3 serving lines, or 2 double sided ones.

At the very least, consider going to quesdilla bars, where you only have 1 side to grill and no flipping. Better yet, other options:
sandwich buffets ( or if it is a seated event, tables with sandwich platters, more friendly and faster service)
baked potato bars
taco bars, or taco/salad bars
Premade burrito bars (you can do these and hold safely up to 6 hours, if interested I can give you directions
Meatball subs, with vegetarian meatballs also included as an option

Please reconsider, and write back.

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