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Overwhelmed and needing help please
Hi. I am planning a pasta bar for my son's graduation. Up until today I have felt confident but after reading other's thoughts online, I am unsure.

Here are my questions:
ALFREDO SAUCE-(Bertolli bought from Sam's Club) Will it hold well for 3 hours in a chafing dish?
GRILLED CHICKEN: Any ideas how to have this affordably?
Will it hold well for 3 hours in a chafing dish?
PENNE NOODLES- Suggestions for preparing ahead of time? Should I toss with olive oil? Will they be OK in a chafing dish for 3 hours?

How far ahead of the party starting can I prepare these items and put them in chafing dishes?

I am hoping to be able to prepare the food ahead of time and enjoy my son and his party. I don't want to be worried about the food the whole day. Please tell me if you think this will work. If not, I will try to figure something else out. Thank you in advance for your help.

Theresa, nothing holds well for 3 hours in a chafing dish. For safety, it needs to be removed and replace after 2 hours. And unsauced pasta definitely will not stay hot and appetizing. The best way to get out of the kitchen is to casserole it, all mixed, before putting it in the chafer. Least expensive for chicken too, because it uses less per person.

You don't say how many people or whether you are doing this at home or in a larger kitchen. Please write back with more info; how many guests and age mix, and the rest of the menu, so I can give good advice.

Thank you for responding Ellen. We are expecting around 100 people and it is at our home. I would say 70 adults and 30 children.
Penne noodles with red sauce
Penne noodles with white sauce
Veggie tray
Chocolate fountain
Maybe I should do ham, scalloped potatoes and corn with a garden salad? I'm thinking that may be easier than dealing with pasta?
Theresa, 2 roasters of scalloped potatoes would serve this party. You could do roast chicken quarters, or ham. Then, because of limited oven space, do a green salad and an interesting other salad such as 2 gallons of mixed bean salad, antipasto veggies, or a cold corn relish salad. Yes, it would be easier for you than the pasta. You can write back.
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