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Wedding Reception for 160 guests
I am planning my daughters wedding reception.
We are thinking:
During the wait for bride/groom pics:
Cheese tray: Cubes abt 15 lbs with 20 sleeves of crackers
Veggie tray: Cherry Tom.(4 quarts) Broccoli (4 lbs), Cauliflower (4 lbs), pickle slices
Fruit tray: Grapes, bananas, pineapples , watermelon

Then serve:
chicken (2 pieces per person)
Ham- 3 hams
mashed potatoes (toppings as you would a baked potato bar)??? Not sure on how much
Baked Beans (I see 3 gallons needed on your site)
Rolls ( was thinking one per)

Tea (4 gallons)
Lemonade (2-3 gallons)
Soda (10-15 2 liters)

Can you please help tweak or change anything....thank you

Hi, Lisa, yes, for 160 you do need a bit more here and there.

chicken (2 pieces per person)- OK
Ham- 3 hams- OK
mashed potatoes (toppings as you would a baked potato bar) , 70 pounds of raw potatoes. For toppings use the potato bar page, you do 1 1/2 times the amount for 100
Baked Beans (I see 3 gallons needed on your site), that is 3 gallons per 100, so look at 5 gallons
Rolls ( was thinking one per), 20 pounds, 4-5 pounds butter

Tea (4 gallons) add 2 gallons unsweetened
Lemonade (2-3 gallons)
Soda (10-15 2 liters), check the beverage planning page for amounts and flavors

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