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Making haystacks for 170 people
I am making haystacks(Fritos with meat, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato and maybe guacamole) for 170 people. There will also be Indonesian food provided by the other side of the family. I don't know how much to make. Also some are vegetarian and some eat meat so I have to make veggie meat and regular meat. Help!
Here is a full guide to haystacks:

You are headed in the Amish direction, so allow 3 pound Fritos for the rice in each batch of the recipe. You can go with sal;sa and/or picante sauce instead of the soup. Take a look and if you need help, just write back on this thread.

As for amounts, it depends in how generous the other side of the family iis, but me, I would probably do for 120.

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