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BBQ Wedding Reception - 3 Meat choices
We are having 3 meat choices for a BBQ Wedding Reception for 200 people, and are wondering how many of each we should order;
Rib-eye Steak (for Sandwich)
1/4 lb. all beef Hotdog

is there a "rule of thumb" or standard calculation to go by. I have found info for 2 choices but not 3.

Laura with these choices almost no one will eat hamburgers or hot dogs. The usual estimates assume 2 equally desirable choices. Consider also that rib eye steaks for sandwiches require a lot of cooking and slicing at the time; for 200 people, well cooked steamship round with a carver or two would be a more attractive and less costly choice.

So would you consider a beef, plus a pork, turkey or chicken and if sausage is a must, perhaps Italian sausage and peppers or kielbasa? This would reduce your costs and simplify cooking day of.

Amount of meat also depends on the sides, so I need the full menu.Write back.

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