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Dump Cake for 50
Every yr my family has a beach trip, about 50 people.I can't make a decent peach pie, so I thought I'd make a dump cake. Most people bring a dessert to share.For a 9x13 inch foil pan should drain at least one or two cans of. pe aches so it's not too juicy? No recipe says so,but I'm thinking in transpoting. may be juicy or any other idea for a large size dessert? The menu is a fish fry.
A 9x13 is just 10-12 servings, so if it s really for 50, you are lookng at 3-4 pans.

You do not drain the fruit, as the liquid is essential for the cake mix to turn into the crust. Here is a site with 19 interesting recipes (cut and paste):

Here is a recpes for 2 pans of bread pudding or rice pudding.

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