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Motorcycle rally to feed 125 to 150
not the cook
I am trying to figure out how much of everything I will need in order to feed 100-150 Bikers the following foods.Granted most will be drinking but they all still love to eat.

Sauce on side
Potato Salad
Sliced bread

Am I forgetting anything?

Dear NTC,

I am gong to estimate for 100. If you have 125, do 1 1/4 times the amount. If you do 150, 1 1/2 times the amount.

Brisket- 1 pound raw (10 ounces cooked) per 2, so 50 pounds trimmed brisket per 100. Note that this is 65 for 125, 80 for 150, with everything else increased also.
Sauce on side 6 quarts
Onions- 8 pounds sliced
Pickles 1 gallons slices
Beans- 3 gallons- 4 #10 cans
Potato Salad- 4 gallons, 40 pounds raw potatoes, excellent recipes this site
Sliced bread-15 pounds

Consider adding slaw and a pasta salad, inexpensive, can be made ahead and fills hollow legs- 6 pounds dry pasta plus add-ins (recipes on site) and 2 1/2 gallons slaw per 100

Also, brisket is an expensive meat to serve. Consider adding roasted chicken leg quarters (BBQ style) to cut costs while creating happy campers. You would get the 50 pounds brisket and add the rest in chicken instead of more brisket- 30 pounds chicken quarters for 125, 60 for 150

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