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cole slaw
Margaret Snyder
How long can I keep cabbage grated in refrigerator so can make cole slaw in future?
Enzymatic browning, caused by polyphenol oxidase, is prevented in an acidic environment, and oxidation can't occur in an oxygen-free environment. So the easiest way to keep cabbage from browning -- and keep it crisp by increasing turgor pressure -- is with acidulation and submersion.

Select tight heavy heads of cabbage.

Shred the cabbage into ice water which has been treated with 1/4 cup lemon juice per quart of water, swish it well and then either store under water (best) or drain well and wrap tightly.
Use within he week.

The temperature of most home refrigerators, 41-46°F (5-8°C), is an appropriate temperature range for keeping cabbage chilled in order to preserve its quality. Keeping the cabbage cold will also help to retain its vitamin C content.

Some plastic vegetable storage bags have tiny air holes, and do a better job of reducing surface moisture and air flow, and minimizing spoilage. Better still are the ones that absorb the carbon dioxide the cabbage expires, dramatically improving storage life. But plastic alone will not prevent loss of vitamins, which is why chilling is also necessary.

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