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Wedding Buffet for 200
Hi Ellen, My appetizers are cheese pepperoni an crackers,veggie tray,shrimp,fruit tray, .Dinner is antipasto salad, ziti,sausage peppers an onions, greens,roasted chicken, round fried potatoes in a can #10can,filet mignonette,corn, rolls butter, .I would like some help on the amount due to so many items. I don't need as much an don't want to serve too much or not enough. The chart is veryheful, the amount change when so many items an not quit sure. Thank you :)
cheese, 12 pounds
pepperoni, 12 pounds
crackers, 12 pounds
veggie tray, 16 pounds, 2 gallons thick Ranch dip
shrimp, 25 pounds, you could go w shrimp dip for less
fruit, 20 pounds ready to eat (4 bites per person, see fruit tray page)

antipasto salad, ??? Must know what you are including

ziti, about 16 pounds pasta
round fried potatoes in a can #10can, 20 servings per can, att least 5 cans

sausage peppers an onions,
roasted chicken,
filet mignonette,
What is a mignonette? Are these separate pieces? Usually about 3/5 of people will choose beef. Rest of meats depend on these.

corn, 40 pounds
greens, 40 pounds

rolls 24 pounds
butter 4-5 pounds

You will have to write back. Also if this is a catered te high end event, it shifts amounts slightly.

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