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A tea called bridesmaid tea
My sister used to take her daughter to high tea in Salem OR and they served something called Bridesmaid’s tea. The establishment has since closed for many years. My sister passed away and my niece has been looking for a receipe or someplace to find that makes this blend of “bridesmaid tea”. She now has a young daughter and would love it if she could continue the tradition.

Has anyone heard of this type of tea? Or where I can find a place to order?

Bridesmaid tea is usually the name of the party, given by the bride for all her ladies before the wedding. Someone referred to them as the "I do crew". Occasionally, it s used to invite the ladies to be the bridesmaids.

Here are pretty off-site guides:

There is not a particular tea blend I can find by that name, any of the afternoon type teas- usually ceylon blends or assams- would be typical. These days a fruity green tea blend might ht the spot.

Especially in the South, a popular feature of the bridesmaids' tea is the "charm cake." Symbolic charms (usually sterling silver) are tied to 12-inch-long ribbons (one for each maid); the ribbons are then arranged between the bottom tier of the cake and the cake plate, trailing out onto the table surface. At the tea, each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon and the charm she retrieves bears a special message. Examples: Horseshoe = good luck; Anchor = adventure awaits; Fleur-de-Lis = love will flower; Wedding Bells = next to marry; Ring = next to be engaged; Camera = fame and fortune; and on it goes.

his black tea blend with rose petal and jasmine mght please your friend:

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