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Cook Talk

Party for 150 people
I am cooking for 150 people. Fifty of them are kids. Party starts at 4:00pm. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chili, chicken nuggets and cous cous salad. At 6:00 pm there will be a pizza truck that will be there for two hours. She wants food for later in the night, since she has a band playing at 6:00 and
her guests have been instructed to bring air mattresses. Also chicken n
It seems your question got cut off. My immediate reaction is, too many entrees, not enough sides, age of eaters and how late will the eaters be staying?. Please clarify menu and question.
Chicken cutlets, hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, chicken nuggets, cous cous salad, tossed salad to be served at 4pm. Pizza truck coming for 2 hours at 6pm. She wants food for later in the night. 150 people, 50 of them kids. I agree too many entrees, but this is what she wants. By 11pm about 20 people still there. They don’t eat a lot of sides. That is why there aren’t many carb dishes. We are buying remade hamburger patty’s. I believe there are 60 to a case.
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