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Company for a week
Hi Ellen,
We have company coming, husband and wife, to stay with us for the week. Any tips on food to have on hand, make ahead meals. etc. I am expecting breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fortunately no one has dietary restrictions, other than healthy food.


It depends on how much you like to cook and what you like to eat. Also, the season

When do this, I make/buy some preps, such as my artichoke olive condite,
which I use to dress salads, make veggie enchiladas, sandwiches

If you like to cook ahead, you can put some burritos or quiche in the freezer.

Casseroles are safe in the fridge for up to 3 days before cooking.

I always keep good eggs, salad makings, 3 kinds of cheese, some ham, olives, various tasty crackers and good bread, yogurt, real butter, half and half.

A roast chicken is simple and delicous and the bones can go into a slow cooker for soup. If you do 2 at a time, or a small turkey without the fuss, you have wonderful makings for a second meal, sandwiches, etc.

Breakfasts, I keep English muffins and good marmalade. Quiche is delicious for brunch, lunch or dinner; I do impossible pies when I can't face crust, and there are MANY on this site.

Does this help?

I also keep Swansons low salt beef and chicken broth, rice, rice noodles, marinated artichoke hearts, mushrooms and pasta on the shelf and frozen shrimp and mussels in the freezer.
Thank you Ellen for your recommendations. I did a lot of prep ahead of their arrival. Made a batch of chicken cacciatore, baked a pound of bacon, Made and froze a quiche. Baked a ham for dinner the day they arrived, and leftovers served as breakfast and lunches etc. I took your advice on making salads (cucumber salad and cauliflower salad). Got in some nice cheese, crackers, good bread, fresh avocados, fruit and marmalade. We had lunch and dinner out a couple of times too. Planning and and prepping ahead is the ticket. I was able to enjoy our company with no angst. Thank you for your advice..
So glad it worked well for you! Thanks for the feedback.
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