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Lunch for 60 adults
Hi Ellen, I am helping a friend with a lunch meal for 60 guest. Will you please tell me if I have the correct amounts of food please?
Spaghetti with meat sauce - 15 lbs ground beef, 15 15oz cans spaghetti sauce, 5 lbs bow tie noodles

Chicken Alfredo - 15 lbs chicken strips, 15 16oz jars alfredo sauce, 5 llbs penne noodles

Italian salad - 6lbs salad mix (I will add tomatoes, red onions, olives, pepperoncini peppers, & italian dressing

bread sticks 8 lbs

Banana Pudding - 2 full size disposable steam pans

Sweet Tea - 6 gallons
Water 6 gallons

(Guest do not want unsweet tea) Thanks for your help!!

I would cut the meats to 10 pounds each and the sauces to 10 each for this amount of people and noodles. If it is self serve, increase the salad greens a bit. Looks good.
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