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Chicken enchalada casserole for 250 people
I am making green chile chicken enchiladas for 250 people for our annual awards banquet. I will be using skinless-boneless chicken breasts. Approximately how many pds of chicken do you suggest? Also, could someone suggest a pan size and how many people one pan might feed?
Toni, figure 10 enchiladas per 4 people, assuming there are also rice and beans; which works out to 1 9x13 for 5.

1.5 pounds raw boneless chicken makes 8 servings- just over 1 pound per 5, so about 55 pounds

You can use any size pan ans long as they are a single layer. If large foil pan, put a cookie sheet under it so it does not bend and splll.

Make 3 9x13 cheese only for any non chicken eaters.

A good homemade red enchilada sauce here:

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