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graduation party for 150 people
150 people for a graduation party.
menu is hot roast beef and meat ball sandwiches and penne vodka. Caesar salad, sheet cake
My question is how much of each entree is needed?

Thank you.

now understanding the question and answer process of the board.
My estimate for the entrees are:
50 pounds of roast beef
35 pounds of meatballs
15 pounds of penne vodka
15 heads of lettuce for caesar salad
will also be doing about 30-40 pounds of potato salad

Is this enough food for 150 people. 4:00 arrival time.

50 pounds of roast beef
35 pounds of meatballs
Both OK

15 pounds of penne vodka- you have to mean 15 pounds dry pasta
15 heads of lettuce for caesar salad- not enough, do 1 1/2 times the amount for 100 on the salad planning chart on this site
30-40 pounds of potato salad- go for at least 40, that is just 4 gallons

Consider adding either a many bean salad or the chilled antipasto veggies- 3 gallons

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