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Thawing frozen precooked rib roll
HELP!!! I have a beautifully smoked rib roll which is approximately 8lb. My problem is that it is frozen solid and I want to serve it tonight. It’s been thawing in the refrigerator since yesterday, but still frozen. (I know I should have pulled it out of freezer days ago 😔) Can I get this to thaw and still warm it for dinner tonight without ruining it? Anyone have success with this problem in the past? Wouldn’t mind cutting slices and reheating, but pretty difficult slicing the frozen meat at the thickest parts. Best ideas are welcomed! TIA
Tightly wrapped, in sink, submerged submerged in warm+ water. Weight if it does not submerge. Change water everyt time it gets below about 100 (hot bath). Good luck/
Awesome. This was my thought except I was going to use cool water like you would for a turkey etc. Seems to be thawing so fingers crossed. Thanks for the reply. There were a lot of great answers with similar questions just not the exact one I had!
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