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Cooking Arkansas beans in electric roadter
Cooking full roaster for church function: oven recipe calls for 60 to 90 minutes at 350 degrees: how long in a electric roaster on high
Cooking Arkansas beans in electric roader
If these are the sweet bacon green beans that star from canned beans, there are a few tricks to perfection.

5 #2 cans of green beans is the same as 1 #10 can. You can make up to 4 #10 cans at one time in the roaster, which will make 100 servings. The main concern is the large volume, as it takes at least 30 minutes per gallon, and this is 3 gallons.

You use 1-2 pounds bacon ends and pieces, but only 3 times the original sauce recipe if you are cooking it all together.

Also, there is a HUGE amount of salt between the bacon, soy sauce and canned beans. DO get low sodium soy sauce and try to find no salt added beans- 2 cases (24 cans) of regular size no salt cans is about he same as 4 #10 cans. If you use regular salted beans, you can drain and rinse them.

Prep the roaster: Start 2 1/2 hours before you plan to serve. Spray well with a no stick spray. Preheat covered at 350 for at least 20 minutes before adding the drained beans and sauce.
Add beans and sauce, at 1 1/2 hours check temp with quickread thermometer in the middle for 165. As soon as it reaches 165, turn roaster to 180 to hold for serving. Keep covered.

If you use 4 crock pots preheated on high, the cookng tme reduces to about an hour.

This assumes that the beans are room temp, and you did not make the mix ahead and refrigerate it.

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