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Cook Talk

Wedding Reception Buffet Style
Rita Smith
Wedding reception for 175 - cajun/creole style. Chicken/sausage gumbo with rice, mini croissants sandwiches, freuit/vegetable dispay with cheese, Hot chicken dip with bread rounds and sausage jambalaya. How much gumbo will be needed with rice as a side? Reception starts at 3 PM. Thanks for any help you
might be able to give.
With a 3 pm start, people will have eaten lunch before coming, so you will need a little less food than a dinner time. 7 gallons gumbo would be an abundance. Do consider adding a meatless dish that could serve any non-pork eaters as an entree, such as mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes or a pasta salad. And maybe a second meatless dip, cheese or queso?

You can use 3/4 the amounts I suggest for my dinner plans for other foods.

4 people in the kitchen and 8-10 people out front to set up, serve and clean up; who will be working during the service.

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