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Cook Talk

2pm outdoor punch and cake reception for 100
Kristine Hubbert
We are serving mixed sandwiches( chicken salad on croissants, egg salad on white bread and meat and cheese on rolls),veggie platters watermelon, cupcakes, wedding cake, iced tea and punch. Looking for amounts. Thanks
About 2 normal sandwiches per person is normal

chicken salad on croissants, use mini croissants, 100
egg salad on white bread, about 36-40
meat and cheese on rolls, use slider size , 120

veggie platters, use the veggie tray page
watermelon, 1/3 pound whole per person; consider a mixed fruit tray, fruit cut up so no drips, see fruit tray page

cupcakes, if one flavor, 1 per person, the wedding cake for the wedding party will create the extras

iced tea, 4 gallons sweet, 2 gallons unsweet
punch, 5 gallons

Consider adding either a pasta or potato salad, 2 1/2 gallons

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