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Desserts for Graduation Party
Hello, we are having about 50 people for my daughter's graduation party. I plan on buying a cake in her favorite flavor. ( Strawberry) Also, I will make about 24 chocolate cupcakes and a fruit pizza. My question: Should I purchase a half sheet cake or 9 x 13? I know some will probably try two or maybe all three desserts. I will also have a fruit tray as well. This party will only be about 4 hours. We are serving pizza and salad for the lunch meal. Party 11 am - 3 pm mixture adults and teens. (swim party)
At least a half sheet, that makes only about 24 servings at most. If it were my party and teens, I would do a full sheet cake or a two layer half sheet, or even 2 half sheets, one vanilla? as they LOVE desserts and do indeed often eat several if given the opportunity.

Hope you are all proud!

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