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Cook Talk

My surprise party
Charlotte Myers
I already have 60 rsvp total coming to a 50th surprise party for my daughter. I used the half foil pans so I can add more when needed. I am planning 6 pans cheesy potatoes, 4 pans cole slaw, 4 pans pasta salad, and 4 pans of macaroni salad. The meats are being catered. Does this sound like enough?
he 2 1/2 inch deep half pan s 10-12 servings, so you can consider doing 6/4/3/2 instead of 6/4/4/4- otherwise you will have a pretty good amount of carb salads left over. Consider adding a tasty light veg, 3 pans or so (about 10 pounds), green beans, Italian mix, broccoli cuts, etc.

Happy birthday lucky daughter.

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