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Salad bar
I think I'm overthinking everything but I need someone else's input.I'm planning a salad bar party @ a park.
I'm wondering if I should serve the salads in bowls or plates ? I'm also having a baked potato bar. I was thinking some of my guests are going to make large salads ,I'm wondering should I have a large bowl where each person can toss their salad together ? It would be extra packing but if the salads are large ,it will be hard & messy to add dressing and toss it in a plate or bowl . Help !
With th baked potato bar, any of these are options for both:

Dixie® Heavyweight Paper Bowls - 12 oz- $16-20 per 125
Chinet Classic White Large Bowls, 30 ct, 12 ounce
Chinet 10"x12" platters

Platters would be excellent if you expect many will have both potato and salad. One piece is much preferable to plate and bowl both at buffets- many fewer spills. No extra bowls for tossing, people wont re-use and most folks just put on more dressing, anyway.

Thank you ,the platters look like a great idea.
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