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wedding afternoon tea reception
Hi there!

So I'm browsing this really helpful site now that I've very late (but not too late) decided to just do an afternoon tea reception for my wedding.

I've noticed that the blog gives you an idea for about 200+ people. I'm only looking to feed give or take 110 people at the most. Could anyone help me with the numbers on how much of what to make?

I did notice it said somewhere about:
6 finger sandwiches, 1 scone, 4 small sweets per person. Is this correct?

If so, awesome! Now, what about the gallons of tea/coffee? I read 15 but again, I'm assuming this is for the 200+ people.

Thank you so much to whoever will reach out to help!

I'm really excited for my big day!


Yes, that is a good piece count per person, as long as they had lunch before the service. Use the beverage planning page for your drinks, and DO consider adding a sparkling punch lemonade to the menu with the coffee and tea.Also, maybe a couple of water dispensers, one with cucumber and mint and one with sliced citrus?

You can write back as your plan develops.

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