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Waffle and yogurt bar for 75
J Smith
For graduation we are planning on a waffle bar. We are thinking about adding a yogurt bar since all of the waffle toppings with work with yogurt. For topping we are thinking choc chips, pecans, granola, and assorted fruit, as well as butter and peanut butter. I'm wondering quantity for fruit and syrup? Also how many gallons of milk or orange juice?
Nice idea.

For 100 people, for waffles or pancakes or French toast, I generally use as my guideline:

3 pounds butter,
3 pounds jam or jelly,
2 pounds nut butter, and I don't use peanut butter because those allergies are SO deadly- almond or cashew?
1 to 2 gallons syrup and honey, and do have at least some honey

choc chips, pecans, granola, allow 2 tablespoons per person= 10 cups each
cut up fruits, 3 gallons

Yogurt, about 10 quarts, some plain, some vanilla or honey

This is my breakfast event page:

Orange juice is there. For coffee, milk, see the beverage planning page,

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From chocolate chips down, did your calculation for 75-
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