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Cook Talk

Making luncheon for 100 people. Need to determine quantities needed of each item.
Chicken Teriyaki (boneless thighs)
Sliced Roast Beef
Jasmine Rice
Pancit (like a chow mien)
Lumpia (like a cigar-shaped egg roll)
Mandarin Garden Salad
Pan de sal (a sweet roll)
Thank you so much, Ellen!
So glad you included the whole menu!

Chicken Teriyaki (boneless thighs)= 1 per person
Sliced Roast Beef= 1 pound raw boneless per 5
Jasmine Rice= about 7 pounds
Pancit (like a chow mien)= 6-8 pounds dry noodles plus add ins
Lumpia (like a cigar-shaped egg roll)- depends on size, but a least 1 1/2 per person
Mandarin Garden Salad- 8 heads lettuce, 8 heads romaine, 16 cups sliced celery, 2 cups sliced green onions, 176 ounces tangerine pieces (that is 12 pounds or 16 11ounce cans), 7 cups dressing
Pan de sal (a sweet roll)- one per person

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