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Graduation party
I'm doing a party for my daughters college graduation but not sure how much food to make. We are expecting around 75 people. The menu is pulled pork sliders, baked beans, cheesy hash browns, and some veggi trays. Its starting around 5 pm so I'm sure guests will be hungry but not sure how much to make. If you could please help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks
Yes, this is a familiar menu.

pulled pork sliders, 1 pound ready to serve makes 12, sliders, which serves 5
3-4 quarts pickles
6 pounds sliced onions
Have one crock pot of vegetarian patties or sausages for any non-pork eaters, I recommend Field Roast brand.

baked beans, 2 gallons= 3 #10 cans, make some meatless for any non-pork or non-meat eaters
cheesy hash browns, use recipe at he bottom of the festive family brunch page, tips and notes are with recipe
veggi trays, 8-10 pounds veggies, 2 quarts Ranch dip

Suggest you consider adding
2 gallons slaw
Fruit tray- 2 times the tray for 25 or 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100 would be plenty for this, see the fruit tray page.

4 pounds of chips and 2 quarts salsa or dip would be fine with this.
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