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Dinner Time Cocktail Party for 50
Hello there.

I would really appreciate your advice. I have been asked to host a cocktail party for 50 people (an equal mix of men and women, heavy eaters). It will last from 5 pm to 9 pm. The proposed menu is as follows:

-150 crab stuffed deviled eggs
-150 servings of shrimp served on polenta rounds
-150 beef tenderloin sliders
-150 chicken satay skewers
-200 meatballs in sauce
-150 chicken salad on pita points
-150 mini spinach quiche
-150 bruschetta on crostini
- 4 large antipasto platters with marinated vegetables, cheeses, and cured meats
-100 individual Caesar salads

-100 cheesecake bites
-100 strawberry parfait shooters
-100 lemon parfait shooters
-100 chocolate petit fours
-2 large fruit trays with dip

As of now the current plan is four dedicated helpers (non party guests)- one person with me in the kitchen during the party, two people replenishing food/ keeping tables neat, and one person for beverage service. I have access to a full commercial kitchen.

I welcome any advice and tweaks that you think I should make.

Kate this is very fancy eating, still, would tweak bith amoun6s and choices.

Since this is a dinner party with a cocktail/hors d'oeuvres menu, you are aiming for about 1 1/2 pounds of food per person. As described, it looks like too much food, over-heavy on protein and sweet bites, very short on veggie bites.

-150 crab stuffed deviled eggs- 100 plenty, consider doing some without seafood for any allergic or vegetarians
-150 servings of shrimp served on polenta rounds- 100 plenty
-150 beef tenderloin sliders- 100 plenty
-150 chicken satay skewers- 100 plenty
-200 meatballs in sauce- you only need about 6 pounds cocktail size, a little less than 2 quarts sauce
-150 chicken salad on pita points- suggest you do at most chicken salad dip, 3 quarts with 3 pounds mixed crackers/pita, etc. I would do either the chicken skewers or the chicken salad, not both.

-150 mini spinach quiche- 80
-150 bruschetta on crostini- consider doing as dip/spread- you already have a lot of oven-needing items- no more than 100

- 4 large antipasto platters with marinated vegetables, cheeses, and cured meats??
You want about 6 pounds total cheeses, 1 gallon marinated veg, 2 quarts good olives, no more than 5 pounds cured meats, and frankly you don't really need the cured meats. If you do the crackers and the separated crostini above, you will have enough carb on the table
-100 individual Caesar salads- 50 plenty
If you want to add a colorful veg, consider tiny tomatoes skewered with tiny fresh mozzarella balls, and reduce the cheeses and other veggies accordingly
If you want to add a carb, 1 1/2 gallons of a really stunning pasta salad, or a unique potato salad like my Nepalese or Russian potato salad, would be a good choice.

-100 cheesecake bites
-100 strawberry parfait shooters
-100 lemon parfait shooters
-100 chocolate petit fours
50 of each max, maybe a few extra chocolate- this still allows 4 items per person, you will have leftover desserts

-2 large fruit trays with dip- 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100 on this site would be plenty

Even with these cut backs, expect you will have leftovers.

You can write back. If this s a paid gig or I have saved you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support he site. Thank you.

Ms. Ellen, you are positively amazing! Thank you for your prompt reply and invaluable assistance. The leftovers even with cutbacks are great! I’m a southern girl, and if I don’t see leftovers, I’m convinced someone is still hungry. Hehehehe
This is not a paid gig, (I WISH!) but I will gladly make a donation to support your wonderful site. Thank you again.
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