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taco/nacho bar for 100
Thanks for what you do!
I'm helping a friend with a big party, early evening, mostly adults. She is serving appetizers before dinner and has that already planned out.
Dinner is a taco & nacho bar. Will you please check my #s?
15# ground beef
12# shredded chicken
10# can black beans (for vegetarians)
200 each hard & soft shells
10# chips
3# shredded cheese
2 10# cans nacho cheese
6# shredded lettuce
8# tomatoes
10# can black olives
2 gallon salsa
1 gallon sour cream
1 gallon guacamole
1 gallon jalapenos
8# dry rice (for Spanish rice)
2 10# cans refried beans
I'm thinking it would save $ if the chips & nacho cheese were at the other end of the tables to try to encourage people to only use the toppings for tacos.
Thank you!
You are doing a very good job of using the site.

15# ground beef-18-20
12# shredded chicken-15
10# can black beans (for vegetarians)-OK
200 each hard & soft - OK
10# chips- OK
3# shredded cheese- 5-6
2 10# cans nacho cheese-OK
6# shredded lettuce- go 7 or 8, just don't open the last bag till you see how it is going- some people will do salads
8# tomatoes-OK
10# can black olives-OK, prob some left, sliced
2 gallon salsa-plenty, consider having a mild and a hotter
1 gallon sour cream-OK
1 gallon guacamole- will prob run out, I do 20 pounds/ 10 quarts
1 gallon jalapenos-OK
8# dry rice (for Spanish rice)-OK
2 10# cans refried beans-OK, get vegetarian (no lard) and mark the serving container

Suggest you add a few bottles of shake-on hot sauce and 6-8 bottles of salad dressings. Consider also several bottles or a #10 of plain taco sauce

Stock no more than will be eaten in 1 hour, MAX. Replenish potato bar as needed.
Toppings which have been at room temperature CANNOT be returned to the refrigerator and must be discarded.
Do not add fresh toppings to old toppings; let the dish be emptied and replace the entire serving container.

As for the setup, you are right about effect. The jalapenos, olives, black or refried beans are all eagerly sought by nacho builders , so put near the chips, and many will also add some meat. Consider having the meat serving spoons and some others be the type used for salad bar toppings, they control portion sizes:

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Thank you so much, I wouldn't have thought of spoons to help with portions. I donated today but will probably be back for more help as it gets closer & will donate again!
I gave my friend the list and she wants to add potatoes o'brien to the vegetarian taco choice. Would that be 10# also? I've had potato & chorizo tacos but never potato only.
Fresh maybe? 4 pounds potatoes and about 4 cups of the peppers per 12 people is the usual side, you would do about 1/2 that.
Tiny dice, 1/2 inches
In a large frying pan, heat oil over medium heat. Add potatoes and fry, turning every few minutes to ensure they are crispy and golden on all sides, then add the peppers. Cook until softened all the way through, about 10 minutes. Season generously to taste with salt and pepper.

Many people authentically use mashed potatoes for tacos.

I'm going over my list and have a few more questions.

The guest count is now 150. I will add half of the amount already listed, correct?
Is the # for meat and chicken the weight of it raw or cooked?
She wants to add fruit but I don't want to mess with cutting a huge variety at this point. Does this look okay?
2 watermelon
4 each honey dew & cantaloupe
5# grapes
Thank you so much!

The weight is raw,boneless. Per 100, If doing several meats, do 15 beef and 10 each of 2 others.

The fruit is good. About 30 pounds watermelon, and how about some quarts of strawberries? Each quart is good for about 20 with the other fruits.

What does 10# mean? I see the # symbol often
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