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Beef stew for 300 people

I'm need to make a beef stew for 300 people this weekend. I'm Not sure how much meat is required. Essentially I'd like to make sure it's hearty and wholesome. I'm thinking of adding leeks, potatoes, baby carrots and corn in it.

Please help!

4 people per 1 pound lean boneless pork, 8-10 ounces assorted veggies per person (depends on how much potato), and use good stock for the sauce, allowing at least 1/2 cup stock per person. If the meat is not lean, 3 per pound. The best soup base I have found in regular grocery stores is called "better than bouillon". One jar makes nearly 10 quarts. Some red wine in the sock is never wasted if your crowd permits. Brown the meat before stewing for richest flavor.
Remember this is about 28 gallons of food. How will you chill it? Reheat it?

Food Safety Note

Ready to eat food that will be held for service, and fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes need to cook until internal temperature reaches 135. Meats to 180.

When cooling foods:

Foods must pass through the danger zone (135 – 70?) quickly to reduce pathogen growth
Cool foods from 135 to 41? within six hours
135 – 70? within 2 hours
70 – 41? degrees within 4 hours
If food has not reached these goals in the allotted time, food must be thrown out
Use ice water baths, ice paddles, shallow pans, or blast chillers for cooling

Source: ServeSafe® Food Certification Course Book - Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, 2009.
2009 Federal Food Code

Sorry that is supposed to say lean meat, it works for both beef and pork. Also, consider having one slow cooker or roaster of a vegetarian stew, with 300 people there will be some. here are a couple of really tasty vegetarian stews on the site.

You will use about 2 tablespoons of flour for each cup of broth when it comes time to thicken.

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