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Grad party
Can you help me out on quantities Having grad party for roughly 100 with maybe 25 grads coming. Menu is cheeseburger sliders and chicken wings. Pasta salad and veggie trays. Cupcakes. Trying to keep it simple. Brats or hotdogs were another idea thinking for little kids hotdogs. Dine know if that is needed or not. Welcome ideas. Thanks
OK, lets consider it 100.

cheeseburger sliders- 12 per 5 people. 1 pound of meat makes 8-10 sliders, depends on who makes the patties. 1 ounce cheese per each. Suggest 1 crock pot of vegetarian chicken nuggets or veg meatballs for any non-meat eaters.

chicken wings, these have gotten so expensive, and it takes 4-6 per person. Consider joining my campaign for chicken LEGS; 2 per person, easier to eat, can be done in many flavors in the OVEN, at about 1/3 the cost. And he kids like chicken legs- no added items.

Pasta salad, 8 pounds dry pasta plus add ins

If this is a heavy eating crowd, 3 gallons of a good bean dish would be an excellent addition

veggie trays. Consider a green salad instead, use the plan for 100 list. Or see amounts on he veggie tray page, MUCH less expensive if you do it yourself

Consider adding 2 gallons cole slaw, even if you do salad, since people like it w this meal

Cupcakes. One single flavor, 1 per person plus 10. several flavors takes more, about 60 each for 2 flavors and 45 each for 3, people take more. Consider a 2 layer sheet cake, may be less expensive.

You can write back. If this has saved you me, trouble, or money, please make a donation, even a dime per guest, to support he site. Thanks and "congraduations"

Thank you!
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