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How much Dessert
I need some help in figuring how much cake & ice cream to serve. I'm making a Neapolitan cake and I want to serve chocolate, strawberry & vanilla ice cream to go with it. I'm having 25 adult guests. Dessert will be served after a picnic themed dinner of sandwiches, wings, salads, cheese & cracker appetizers. My ice cream scoop is about 1/4 c, so I'm thinking 1 scoop of each flavor p/person? Still not sure how much to buy. I'm hoping the 10 inch 3 layer cake will be enough. Thank you in advance for your help.
The 3 layer cake is only about 12-16 slices. Maybe a second cake or some single flavor cupcakes for anyone who can' eat chocolate or strawberry?
If you want every one to have all 3 ice creams, a simple solution for the ice cream and much less fussy would be to buy it in a brick shape and just slice off each 3 color slice. A 1 1/2 quart brick will make 12 slices. 3/4 cup ice cream (3 scoops) is more than most people want with their cake. Or have all 3 flavors, but let people say what they want; quart each chocolate and strawberry, 2 quarts vanilla.

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