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Melted aluminumn foil on black ceramic cook top
aluminum foil melted and fused to my black ceramic
cook top. how can it be removed?
Apparently this is a frequent happening- here are the answers across the web. I would try the Naval jelly first if i were my stove top.

"The Ceramabryte is far superior to the Weiman brand. I sold appliances for 5 years. We carried both and the Ceramabryte is far better. HOWEVER, neither will help at the moment with this. Essentially you have etched the aluminum into the cook top. Your only chance is to get a razor blade scraper. With luck, it will get it off. However, the nature of glass cook tops is that they get damaged easily. Don't turn the burner on until you get it as clean as possible. DO NOT use Drano or lye. It will cause a chemical reaction which will create severe heat. The heat will likely break the glass from thermal shock. Scrape as much as you can and clean it.


"I just used “the works”, hydrochloric acid. I laid newspaper patch on the stove top and let the acid sit for over an hour . It removed 99 percent, I might go for that last little speck a little later on.
This acid won’t eat glass. I am pleased with the results"


We used a bbq cleaner (can't remember what brand or what kind we just had it lying around)

we sprayed the bbq cleaner on wherever there was melted foil on the stove top, let it sit for around 3 mins and rubbed it off with steel wool (put in a little bit of arm muscle into it aha)... the aluminium foil came off with no scratches

I dont know if this will make a difference but when we did this the stove top was still warm/cooling down when we put the bbq cleaner on

but I don't recommend heating the stove again... just try this method with a cool stove if yours has already cooled down... if it doesn't work when cool maybe try turning the stove on but don't heat it too much I've heard it makes the foil stick even more


I suggest vinegar or lemon juice. In absolute extremis, try a strong solution of washing soda, or, ultimately, caustic soda. The aluminum will react violently and dissolve.

Metallic aluminum is very reactive to acids, as you might discover if you try to store tomato-based foods in a metal pan with aluminum foil covering it. Glass, on the other hand, is very unreactive to acids (except the glass-etching chemical hydrofluoric acid).

After the metal and acid react, you should then be able to dissolve the aluminum acetate or aluminum citrate in hot water.

I use a solution of sodium hydroxide (lye) to dissolve it; probably won't even hurt the oven paint.

Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner is NaOH based, so that'll probably work for you, and is easier to find than straight lye nowadays. Just follow the directions. If the aluminum is thick, you may have to do things twice.

Other brands of oven cleaner will likely work as well as long as they contain sodium hydroxide (lye). It will help A LOT for you people who need aluminum foil off your oven!


The author suggested an application of naval jelly (from the paint department at your local hardware store) as the solution that actually worked. Naval jelly is pink goop containing phosphoric acid that is used to remove rust from iron or steel, leaving a clean surface.

Essentially, you spread aluminum jelly over the aluminum, smear it around every few hours, leave it overnight, wipe clean and repeat process until the residue is gone. It might take a few days, but it is a gentle process with no fumes. The solution was was verified enthusiastically by several users in that conversation. Slather it on thick with a cheap foam paint brush.... leave it. I am in my second week of soaking the fused aluminum and it is almost gone. I use my thumb nail to occasionally scrape...(no big deal, rinse off well when done.) This is slow! but it is working and I am causing no further damage. I HAVE NOT turned my oven on since starting this removal.

NO guarantees here! good luck Ellen

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