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How much alternate for vegetarians?
Hi Ellen,
We are feeding teenagers at band camp. Each meal is a single main course (not buffet) - but we need to offer an alternative for the vegetarians. I have no idea how many vegetarians we have. For example one meal is pulled pork sandwiches and grilled cheese. 130 people. Approximately how many meat servings and non-meat servings should I plan for? Is there a rule of thumb for this? THANK YOU!
Pork is a special issue, as quite a few people don' eat it. I usually suggest that with 100, you make the 100 and add 12 extra veg entree servings. Grilled cheese for teens, usually 2 sandwiches per serving... So with 130, maybe 130 meat and 15 veg?

Do remember that having a side dish that can also be a veg entree is a veg entree alternative, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, no-meat beans, 3 bean salad, for example.

Teens are very hungry, especially with something like band camp. Having one of hose heavy sides at most meals is an inexpensive way to fill those hollow legs.

Thank you for your reply. We will add a heartier side - originally I had only watermelon slices and chips.

We are now doing hot dogs (all beef) and grilled cheese for this lunch - between your pork comment and the additional cook time, I came to my senses and decided we should do something easier. But - should I treat this as two equal entrees instead of a meat and veggie entree?

Thank you for the vegetarian guidelines - this is very helpful.

Several companies make excellent veggie dogs or sausages, I especially like "Field Roast" brand. Then you could do he grilled cheese a different time- but you know, oven pizza is just as easy and WAY more popular than grilled cheese...

A pasta salad (6 pounds dry pasta plus add-ins per 100) and slaw (2 1/2-3 gallons per 100, are great sides for hot dogs or sandwiches, and beans are 3 gallons per 100

Not too sure how you mean "two equal entrees instead of a meat and veggie entree"

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