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Cook Talk

Princess Wilson
This is my first catering job for 100 people. I wanted to know how do I know if I'm charging adequately.
Usual catering price is 3-4 times food cost depending on the written contract, is it drop off versus full setup and staffing, who rents what equipment.

You MUST have a written contract, liability or event insurance if you are paid. You can be sued if anyone, staff or guest, is injured or claims the food made them sick. This is one reason most caterers do NOT give leftovers to clients or guests- they can claim you are liable even if they have stored it improperly.

Your contract shows how many meals they request, how much you will charge for any extra guests, no refunds for no shows, specifics on time, staff and equipment. Many other points. See catering section for some help.

Be aware that in most states it is illegal to prepare food for sale except in a commercially licensed kitchen or in the kitchen of the host.

Please don't take on a wedding event as your maiden effort. They are the MOST difficult challenge in the catering world.

Maybe I need to finish that e-book on, so you are thinking you want to cater...

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