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Cook Talk

Dawn Peterson
Hi Ellen,
I hope people are donating to you for your help. This is an amazing service
I am doing a wedding for 375 ppl
they are cooking the 32 pc pork tenderloin whole and 140# brisket
Macaroni & cheese baked-10# dry pasta made into mac and cheese
baked beans-12 # 10 cans
country green beans-12 # 10 cans
cole slaw- 8 gallons or 65 #
fruit bowls-8 + gallons or 70#

garlic mashed red potatoes- 4 oz ppl done

Hi Dawn,

Needs more food. Can you tell me the size of the pork tenderloins? The mac and cheese, even with potatoes, at least 25 pounds pasta, 15 cans baked beans, and also of green beans, about 95 pounds of fruit, Write back.

And insist that they have appetizer tables, at least 3, and at least 3 double-sided lines or 6 serving lines.

The food safety and staffing issues for a pary this size are huge.

Dawn Peterson
the pork tenderloins are around 1.2# to 1.50# each
Do you think I need more brisket and tenderloin?
thanks so much
So about 45 pounds raw pork. For 375 people? With 2 meats, people take more meats, so allow 60 pounds raw each 100 instead of 50. For 375 that is about 225 pounds and you have about 190. 190 would be ok if there was only one meat, but with two you you have to add more. I would increase the pork.
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